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The Democratic Convention is a star studded event. Which Aussie Actress is most likely to be the next bond woman? Plus, join the Sunrise crew as they discuss the latest news.

We talk shop with a pair of Aussie rowers who are about to get a surprise boost to the Rio Olympics and power-up the secret behind how you could slash your electricity bill.

We put the recent supermarket war under the magnifying glass and go behind the scenes one couple's international romantic surprise.

We checkout the drama unfolding at the Rio Olympics and power-up the jukebox with the shimmering vocal group, Human Nature.

The First Lady sings karaoke in new video, plus join the sunrise team as they discuss the hot topics of the day.

We chat with the 'twinning' animal rescuers with a hilarious story, and sit down with the Sunrise panel to discuss this weeks hot topics!

We find out what all the fuss is about with Pokemon Go and crunch the numbers that may affect your credit score.

Ewan McGregor comes to town. Are T-Swiz and Hiddleston lying to us? Should teachers de-friend their students?