1. 0:09

    Cash Cow celebrates Australia Day in style on board a cruise ship in the Pacific.

  2. 0:33

    Check out what happened when we recorded the Sunrise hosts posing in the Paparazzi Studio photo...

  3. 5:13

    We had a slight issue this morning after Sam's mobile number accidentally went to air on LIVE TV!

  4. 1:28

    We were super excited about hitting 400,000 likes on Facebook ... until this happened.

  5. 0:34

    Mel enjoys "stabbing herself in the face" for her birthday, cutting a yummy cake with her portrait...

  6. 0:30

    The Cash Cow is back with a message for her fans!

  7. 1:40

    Nat recounts the story of her great parenting efforts after her son was stung by a blue bottle at...

  8. 0:54

    A Mayan prophecy predicts an apocalypse today so we put Eddie on end of the world watch.

  9. 0:53

    We celebrated a big year at Sunrise and the Morning Show at the Bellevue Hotel in Paddington.

  10. 2:14

    Mel, Kochie and Nat channel their inner rockstar to sing up a storm for charity.

  11. 0:52

    Check out Mel's big hair and some behind the scenes shots during her interview with 007 star Daniel...