1. 0:40

    Lorde has slammed a magazine for retouching her face in a photo.

  2. 1:06

    Sam Worthington has taken a selfie of his six-pack and posted on social media.

  3. 0:53

    The CEO of Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop has quit.

  4. 1:23

    Hugh Jackman is returning to Australia for the premiere of his new X-Men movie.

  5. 0:41

    Samantha Jade has invited us behind the scenes of her new music video.

  6. 0:29

    A sequel to Mrs Doubtfire is finally going ahead.

  7. 1:02

    A little Aussie film has been invited to premiere at Cannes.

  8. 0:34

    Paul Walker's mum has dropped her bid for custody of his daughter.

  9. 2:23

    Comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan do a hilarious and spot on impersonation of Michael Caine.

  10. 1:05

    Leaked photos reveal what Lady Gaga really looked like in an ad campaign for Versace.

  11. 0:37

    Legendary girl group TLC will tour Australia for the first time in June.