1. 0:58

    New research shows half of Australians are unhappy with their work hours and are losing sleep due...

  2. 5:56

    Is this worst online dating profile ever? Mike Jeffreys and Maz Compton discuss in G-Gap.

  3. 4:12

    Aussie duo Busby Marou perform their song 'Get You Out of Here', live on Weekend Sunrise.

  4. 3:12

    Movie guru Jabba reviews 'Runner Runner' and 'Lovelace'.

  5. 7:51

    Australia's mission in Afghanistan is slowly coming to an end. Sean Berry visited the remaining...

  6. 4:09

    What's the best place to invest your money, property or the stock market? Paul Clitheroe explains.

  7. 2:47

    JT takes in John Mayer's performance in Central Park, New York.

  8. 3:40

    Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow says cheating and sex addiction are no relationship deal-breakers....

  9. 0:49

    An American daredevil has used a wing suit to fly through a crock formation in China.

  10. 3:37

    Research shows that when mice are affected by a common parasite, they lose their fear of cats. Dr...

  11. 2:20

    James meets pop star Will.I.Am in New York and chats about the charity work he's doing.