1. 3:16

    Nat cracks open the last egg in our Easter Eggstravaganza. Which one will have the $25,000 inside?

  2. 0:29

    Soccer spectators were left spooked by a ghost-like figure that appears to run through fans during...

  3. 0:11

    Join us tomorrow for a special extended edition of Sunrise LIVE from the Currumbin Dawn Service -...

  4. 0:30

    The Oculus Rift team helps a grandmother experience the outside world from inside her home.

  5. 1:11

    Stephen Colbert has revealed he almost worked for David Letterman years ago.

  6. 0:49

    Oscar-winner Jodie Foster has tied the knot to her girlfriend of one year Alexandra Hedison.

  7. 0:21

    Delays in Chris Brown's assault trial means the singer could stay in prison until June.

  8. 7:23

    Kochie's angels Shelly Horton, Nicky Briger and Kylie Gillies discuss cuts to pensions in the next...

  9. 3:33

    We pay tribute to the Australian nurses who served in WWI, remembering their remarkable...

  10. 3:54

    Meet 20-year-old Victoria McRae, she's mad for the monarchy and Australia’s biggest royal tragic.

  11. 3:20

    Ben Simpson shows why he was crowned Australia's strongest man by lifting a car LIVE on Sunrise.