1. 4:38

    More than one-century after Federation, there are no signs of fatigue in Australia's love affair...

  2. 3:38

    Weekend Sunrise movie man Jason “Jabba” Davis reviews ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and ‘The...

  3. 4:22

    North Korean officials demand a London barber takes down Kim Jong-un 'bad hair day' poster.

  4. 3:47

    815 million Indians are continuing to cast their votes in their general election.

  5. 4:02

    Australian research shows every hour of seated TV watching cuts 22 minutes from our life span.

  6. 2:54

    American researchers have found that the word ‘love’ is fast disappearing from song lyrics. Our...

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    All the latest news from the weekend games.

  8. 5:40

    Abbott lashes out at journalist; Emma Stone pranked on live chat show.

  9. 8:38

    We catch up on the latest games with Troy Luff and Matt Adamson.

  10. 6:49

    The downfall of Barry O’Farrell. Is it time politicians went back to school to learn what they...

  11. 6:50

    Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith visits some of the most significant battles of WWI.