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The X Factor judge is in the studio ahead of his 'Sunday Night' exclusive tonight to perform his classic song, 'Goodbye My Lover'.

Weekend Sunrise movie man Jason “Jabba” Davis reviews ‘The Martian’ and ‘The Intern’.

JT meets the man with the gramophone who is playing some swinging tunes for the NRL fans who've taken some time out to relax before the game.

Sean Redmond was a 22-year-old Air Force pilot who loved living life of the edge. But a traumatic event triggered the first of many panic attacks.

Matt Damon and Ridley Scott talk about how getting the science right in the movie was key, and that everything in the move CAN be done.

The players have been the focus of attention but how do the wives and girlfriends handle it all? Suyin Menzies and Rochelle Halatau reveal all.