1. 5:15

    The Canadian soul-rock diva performs ‘Revolution’ on Weekend Sunrise.

  2. 3:52

    What happened when one family went sugar free for an entire year.

  3. 3:28

    Meet Kate Middleton’s Aussie relatives.

  4. 1:39

    The latest weather forecast from the Royal Randwick.

  5. 2:34

    The Boston bombings remembered a year on.

  6. 5:06

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fly into Queensland’s Amberley Air Force Base.

  7. 3:32

    Will talks in Geneva produce results on the ground in Ukraine?

  8. 1:27

    Check out what happened when Cash Cow faced off with a group of Dodgeball players.

  9. 0:31

    Chelsea Clinton has announced that she is pregnant.

  10. 3:28

    A Queensland teenager is leading a very glamorous double life.

  11. 0:40

    Lorde has slammed a magazine for retouching her face in a photo.