1. 1:58

    Newly appointed NSW Premier Mike Baird has promised to restore integrity to the state.

  2. 0:24

    The bodies of two men killed in a mine collapse in NSW have been recovered.

  3. 0:10

    Some of you noticed a woman being chased by a police officer in the background of the show today!...

  4. 0:28

    A video of a near-miss car accident in Russia has left hundreds of people scratching their heads....

  5. 23:55

    Bringing you the best moments of your mornings with the team.

  6. 4:27

    We chat with some lucky students who got up close with William and Kate.

  7. 2:23

    Comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan do a hilarious and spot on impersonation of Michael Caine.

  8. 6:58

    The angels Kerry Chikarovski, Gretel Killeen and Kylie Gillies discuss Barry O'Farrell's...

  9. 1:05

    Leaked photos reveal what Lady Gaga really looked like in an ad campaign for Versace.

  10. 0:37

    Legendary girl group TLC will tour Australia for the first time in June.

  11. 1:09

    Find out more about what the girls are wearing on today's show - Thursday the 17th of April.