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    This creepy creature gave onlookers a shock after emerging out of a nearby river.

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    X Factor star Taylor Henderson has a special message for his Sunrise fans ahead of tomorrow's...

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    Find out more about what the hosts are wearing on today's show - Thursday the 10th of July.

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    Bringing you the best moments of your mornings with the team.

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    The heartwarming moment a proud two-year-old amputee walks for the first time. What he says will...

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    The Lord of The Rings star talks about her new movie - Reaching For the Moon.

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    Kate Cox, Kylie Gillies, and Felicity Harley discuss George Clooney's harsh response to rumours...

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    Designer John Polimeno and RSPCA CEO Mark Townend talk about John's Finding Rover app, which is...

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    Nelson Aspen has the details on the 16min never-before-seen video showing a young Angelina Jolie...

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    Tacha Mulligan from Sea World explains what they did to free the trapped whale.

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    Playing the Pharaoh Ramses opposite Christian Bale in the new film directed by Gladiator's Ridley...