1. 1:59

    Today's lucky winner is Carly Westbye from the ACT.

  2. 5:19

    The X Factor star is in the studio to perform his new hit "Already Gone".

  3. 3:57

    Tech expert Val Quinn and psychologist Jo Lamble talk about the new software that let you monitor...

  4. 3:48

    911 Operator Britney Melchor is making headlines for receiving an emergency call about her own son...

  5. 1:06

    Find out more about what the hosts are wearing on today's show - Friday the 11th of July.

  6. 2:52

    Perry Vlahos from the Astronomical Society of Victoria explains some possibilities behind last...

  7. 2:07

    Ellie Southwood reports from the NSW Central Coast as the search resumes for the missing 5yr old.

  8. 7:06

    Jeff Kennett and Mark Latham discuss Clive Palmer's interview walk-out, the Carbon Tax, and student...

  9. 4:13

    Jude Bolton talks to Simon and Kochie about tonight's matches.

  10. 1:38

    Nelson Aspen has the latest as the nominations for this year's Golden Globes are announced.

  11. 2:59

    Bec Maddern reports with the latest details on the mystery fireball spotted across Australia...