Charities cracking down on illegal dumping that's costing millions to clean up

The Salvation Army has appealed for people to stop dumping unusable items at their stores these holidays, saying it costs millions of dollars to dispose of junk.

The Salvos are also urging people not to deposit good quality clothing, toys, furniture and other items at stores outside opening hours as they could be stolen or damaged by rain.

NSW Stores Chaplain Major Robert Sneller on Wednesday urged donors to give items they would still use themselves.

He said the January holiday period was a time when Salvos stores staff and volunteers were under more pressure than usual because of the volume of donated items that needed processing.

"We ask our donors to be mindful of this fact when making their donations."

Dealing with unusable items cost the Salvation Army around $5 million a year, money it says could be better spent on helping people in need.

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  1. russet05:21pm Sunday 20th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    What good would it do putting up fencing & CCTV Cameras how do they hope to catch these people?

  2. Wayne11:43am Sunday 06th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    These salvos are a joke thay rip people off,i wouldnt give them anything,i no how thay opperate,been there seen it,and maybe if thay collected each day this wouldnt happen,thay are a cult,its funny how a member who was with them for over 40 yrs never had any money but left her grand kids $35,000 each whem she died ,funny that she didnt leave any to the salvos very funny that,and also thay go through the new goods and help them selves first,and always have the most exspensive food on there own kitchen tabbles,funny about that to,wake up aust thay are scammers