Customs officials arrested over corruption

Eight people, including customs and quarantine officials, have been arrested as the result of a two-year corruption investigation.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare says one customs officer, one quarantine officer and two members of the public were arrested this week.

The other four were arrested in August and October.

More arrests are possible, Mr Clare told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

"There is no place for corruption in our law enforcement agencies," he said, adding, "Where it exists we have to weed it out."

The ongoing investigation is being conducted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI).

Mr Clare said the arrests and information about the operation had been subject to a suppression order in a Victorian court until now.

For the full story, read Eight arrests in customs investigation at Yahoo!7 News.

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  1. Wayne10:51pm Thursday 20th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I bet these morrons get a slap on the hand ,its the way ,its taken this long to work it out wahat a bunch of clowns who have been watching them,ive known for about 15 yrs its been going on wake up clowns,or maybe you arent getting enough of the money and you wanted more and they wouldnt give you more.