Experts concerned about 1.2L energy drink

Health experts across Australia are calling for tighter regulations on energy drinks with high levels of caffeine as supermarkets begin to market a family-sized 1.2 litre V drink.

Promoted as a 'share bottle' to take to parties, the new V drink has concerned health experts who say the beverages are freely available to be picked up by children.

Dr Steve Hambleton, president of the Australian Medical Association, says he is appalled this new product is available at a time when emergency rooms witness more adolescents suffering from caffeine-related health issues.

"I don't know why the heck Food Standards Australia are letting these products go onto the market that are complicating the healthcare of Australians and New Zealanders," he said.

"I'm just amazed and appalled by the amount of caffeine that is legal to be sold."

“You [can] pick it up at the supermarket, probably the service station and the corner store, and it’s next to the cornflakes in the supermarket aisle,” he said, adding it could easily be picked up by children.

Should there be age restrictions on who can buy caffeine-filled energy drinks?

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  1. Szann09:02am Monday 10th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Hard to believe they were able to put these out in the first place! Why do we need more caffiene, more sugar and more unhealthy rubbish to add to our obesity problems. I had to ban my teenage daughters from having them after seeing the effect they have. Potentially dangerous stuff.