Parents risk neglect claims for children's accidents

Parents of clumsy children are risking neglect charges if they show up too many times at a hospital emergency ward.


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  1. Graeme02:38pm Thursday 04th October 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Another pencil pushing "do-gooder" trying to inflict their own personal ideas onto other people. I'll lay odds the person who came up with this almighty brainstorm hasn't got children. Children WILL get hurt - it's a human condition of growing up and testing the boundaries. There are already enough checks and balances done by the professional staff at the surgeries and the hospitals. Stick your grubby nose somewhere else!

  2. Jade08:04am Monday 10th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    This is way out of line. My partners younger brother as a child frequently suffered broken arms, legs and concussions as a child. Not one of these injuries was a result of parental neglect - he will tell you so himself. Most of these injuries were from falling out of trees when at the park with his older brother (my partner) or off the playground at school. I dare say this is because he was under 10 and a boy, therefore likes the climb things. And when you've broken a bone once, you aren't all that worried about it happening again as a kid (I know about that one - I played football with a cast on my arm). Again, not due to neglectful parenting. As far as dobbing in racists goes - again could end badly. Whilst what someone says is incredibly offensive, honestly how many cases are there going to be of someone "just kidding" and what not, whether you agree that it is funny or not, the intent to offend wasn't there so you can't really regulate on that one. This is just going to look like revenue raising if you fine them. Having said that - if someone in the crowd at a football game is yelling or making his/her racist views REALLY obvious, then I think they should be able to notify security and have them warned then removed if they keep it up. Having said that, I feel the same way about someone yelling swear words around children.