Mr Whippy sues celebrity MasterChef

Mr Whippy could be about to cream celebrity chef George Calombaris's St Katherine's restaurant for stealing its brand name for a dessert.

Mr Whippy Pty is suing the MasterChef Australia judge claiming his Kew restaurant named an ice cream dessert on its menu after its product without permission, News Ltd reports.

Calombaris took to Twitter today to defend himself as details of the legal spat emerged.

"My solicitor said that I look good in a wig and gown which is good as I am always prepared to fight for my integrity," he said.

A post with a cheeky undertone then followed: "Next time you're at @StKatsKew try our soft serve ice cream, you'll enjoy it."

The sticky saga reportedly began in May when the soft serve vendor learned Colambaris's restaurant had added a $9.50 'Mr Whippy' ice cream dessert to its menu.

A subsequent frosty letter from Mr Whippy's lawyers saw the restaurant allegedly change the name to 'Mrs Whippi'.

However, lawyers for Calombaris whipped the ice cream company into a frenzy when they reportedly replied it had 'no relevant reputation'.

Incensed by the reply, Mr Whippy has filed a trademark application in the Federal Magistrates Court and is seeking damages.

Mr Whippy franchise director Stan Gordon is not at all impressed. He told News Ltd he is sick of his product being ripped off.

"It's time to take a stand. We plan to enforce our rights. This is Australia and I need to protect my brand."

Calombaris is reportedly on holiday in Greece.

A spokeswoman Lauren Calleja said it would be inappropriate to comment during legal proceedings.

We want to know - Do you still see Mr. Whippy vans around?

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  1. EMMMMMMMMM06:23am Thursday 13th September 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Well last time I saw a Mr Whippy was at sandown races in 1999. I thought that they must of gone belly up.