Same-sex marriage - where do you stand?

We hosted a debate this morning hearing from two sides of the Same-Sex Marriage issue.

Dr Kerryn Phelps and Jim Wallace fronted up to explain their points of view on whether marriage should be open to all.

Watch the video below...

Same-sex marriage - where do you stand?

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  1. Patricia11:20am Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    i dont believe in gay marriage god created man and woman for a reason that the woman would have the job of childbearing.

  2. Liam01:52am Tuesday 06th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    i am 16 years old and i am bullied constantly for being gay i believe that one of the reasons myself and many other young gay people are treated this way is because same sex marriage is not legal. by saying that our relationships are different to yours and are some how illegitimate fuels peoples hatred i have been abused verbally and physically just last week i was lit on fire for being gay i have had food and rocks thrown at me and been spat on. gay marriage should be legalised. it is a civil rights issue nothing else. and furthermore, civil Rights aren't meant to be voted on that is why they are called RIGHTS. i should be happy to have this debate with anyone it needs to be made known it affects young people as well.

  3. Bobbie06:31pm Saturday 28th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    No to same sex marriages. Turns my stomach. Sick of Homosexuals ramming down my throat that they want rights, you will never be excepted into society never. Doesn't matter how many so called rights they want, society will never except you 100%.

  4. Tara09:05am Tuesday 17th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    If there is a same sex couple wanting to get married then let them. Just because some people do not want to allow them to do this doesn't mean that they will change their orientation. A father & daughter in a country town were allowed to breed & it is now forgotten but same sex couples in a relationship seems to be taboo for some reason.

  5. robert07:32pm Monday 16th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    having just recently moved to a country victorian town from the city, i am seeing what i thought was dead in this country. homophobia, racism, sexism! it all lives! i am ashamed to be a part of this community and will be moving back to the city asap. (i think the clincher was when the head of the apprenticeship board told a "joke" about an apprentice wanting to be moved from here because there wasnt enough gay which he replied "get the bloody hell outta here") i feel so sorry for same sex couples in this country, especially in the more rural regions. :(

  6. P12:38pm Thursday 12th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I cannot believe this is even a question, people are people, human rights are human rights, there is no question..of course they should be able to marry; there is no real reason why not; religious beliefs have no place in being a factor in our politicians decison making [as we know it is]. Australia is a Democratic [supposedly, however I often wonder...] secular society, where Politicians religious beliefs, and / or personal bias should not be relevant in an issue such as this - A Human Rights Issue - as it is. And as for God, heterosexuals do not have the monopoly on God or anything else; it's time to grow up Australia.

  7. Kellie10:33pm Wednesday 11th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Why should 2 people that love each other be told they can't get married, I don't think that it is anyones business but the people involved. All people in this country are different and there should only be one law for all of us, so if it is allright for men and women to marry it shold be ok for gay couples to marry.

  8. Jo08:32am Tuesday 10th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    bloody sick but each to their own. i just wish they stop making a big deal over it. if your gay whatever just move on and stop publising the fact.

  9. Leif N09:15am Monday 09th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    People should b able to choose their own relationship structures and not have them dictated by others. A functional Gay relationship is a lot better than a dysfunctional hetero relationship. My relationship should not be defined by YOUR religion! My sexuality should not be defined by YOUR religion. You religion is yours alone and you should be looking to it for your own standards and NOT for standards you can impose upon people NOT of your religion. You do not want our ways made compulsory for you, yet you wish to make your ways compulsory for us. Even sadder, is that religions would impose standards on others, that their own members do not/can not live up to.

  10. Chris02:14pm Thursday 28th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I think that couple of the same sex should get married. no one should stop them and believe me if the President of the United States of America and Americans believe in it and willing to back it up then they should get married. what happens if australians couldn't get married to their love ones, will we have a great debate about that then, No, then allow same-sex couples get married, I am gay myself and i think that all non-same couples give us disrespect and alot of attitide Thank you Barack Obama and America And Lady GAGA we love you your our number one mother