Super Saver Week - How to save on everything!

We're sharing tips with you all week to help you get more bang for your buck.

Do you think that generic brands are the lowest quality products on the shelf?

Did you know that a boiling kettle can use as much power as running a fridge for four hours?

Sunrise brings you five days of tips to relieve help your family out with the sharply rising cost of living.

MONDAY: How to Be a Smart Shopper
+ Always buy from shelves at your feet or above your head, never at eye level
+ Be suspicious of bargain bins
+ Generic brands offer top value
+ Don't buy from check outs displays
+ Stick to a shopping list
+ Weigh up value of petrol discount schemes
+ Avoid convenience stores

+ Buy in bulk when you find a good price

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CHOICE reviews Supermarket Premium Brands

Petrol - Driver behaviour has the single biggest impact on petrol bills. You can cut 25%-30% off your petrol bill, with better driving. That’s the equivalent of seeing the price of petrol back at $1 a litre.

John, our guest, once drove from Darwin to Adelaide without a petrol change!.

Power bills - In winter, using a heater too much can take your power bill from $400 to $1000. So that new $50 heater you bought, could cost you big time.
The key is to improve your home’s passive heating performance – dress warmly, close doors to contain the heat, cover glass with curtains.
Then if you’re still cold and staying still, maybe use a heated throw rug (or just a snuggy). The heated throw uses 150W, compared to a heater’s 500W.
If you must have a heater, a great product is the “micro furnace” ($300). It powers down to as little as 3W, and uses ceramic discs to throw out heat.

If using a reverse cycle air con, set the temp at 20 degrees in winter.

Phone bills - Use VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol. If you have a good internet connection, sign up for a plan that allows you to make all your calls via the internet, not a copper phone line. Rates starts as low as $10/month. Downsides include the inability to make calls if there is a power blackout.You cannot make a 000 emergency call with VOIP unless your VOIP allows you to both make and receive calls. Some providers allow you to keep your existing phone number and some don’t.


Haggling tips

Buying (say) a $40 handbag
depends on store, if it's a big retailer like Myer, maybe no luck
If it's a small boutique or gift shop, go for it.
Businesses do need to clear stock.
Show the money in your wallet
Always got a better chance of haggling with cash - if people can see it in your purse, it means something

Buying (say) a $500 TV
Using cash, always say "is this the best offer you have?"
Look at ticketed price, tell them they need to do better.
They might say "we can do it for 480" so you say "I've got 450 any chance you can do it for that?"

Haggling in general
Time of the year - this week is a great time to be doing it - stock clearance.
Week before Christmas not a good time
Seasonal - buy an air conditioner in winter!
Know the product you want, and whether it's superseded - you could save on a runout model.

- Up to $397 for primary students
- Up to $794 for secondary students

- Uniforms deductible 2011-12

School uniforms are tax deductible, come tax time in 2012.

See more on the government website

The Tax Office has released details of its "compliance" targets for the coming year.

These are the areas where it'll be checking on tax paid, and any dodgy deductions.

- Flight attendants
- Building/construction workers
- Real estate agents

- Small business owners