Rainforest cancer 'cure' on sale soon - for pets

A discovery by two former CSIRO scientists in a specially constructed rainforest lab is giving real hope to cancer patients.

Unlike the common version of chemotherapy given to cancer patients, it attacks cancer cells, but not healthy cells

Some viewers may recall when in last November Sunrise sent Simon Reeve to North Queensland to report on the possible cancer-curing properties of a rainforest chemical.

The story was folllowed up by Doctor John D'Arcy who appeared on SUnrise today to recount his adventure discovering more on the mysterious chemical EBC-46.

After Simon's report went to air, testing began was showing promise in treating tumours in animals.

Now, EBC-46 - found in the blushwood tree seed - will take 5-7 years to develop for use in humans.

According to Doctor D'Arcy, EBC-46 reinvigorates white blood cells in a tumour, so they can regain control and defeat it.

What does the future hold?

The early tests have shown significant reduction in animal tumours and as a result the drug will soon be on sale at your local vet (for animal use only).

Find out more about the drug EBC-46 and its treatment of cancer: www.qbiotics.com

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