Getting fit with Carmelo!

If you want to follow Carmelo's diet plan and fitness program at home, check out all the information right here!


Breakfast options
- 2 weet bix or bowl of Special K, porridge with skim milk berries
- 2 poached eggs one slice wholemeal toast, smoked salmon, spinach & Avocado
- Egg white omelette, spinach, veggies wholemeal toast spread with avocado
- Shake on the go
- Lean Protein powder, natural yogurt, berries, porridge, water blend together

Lunch Options
- Tuna, brown rice, mixed beans, tomato, corn etc mixed with olive oil and lemon juice
- Chicken wrap with salad
- Quinoa salad with beef or chicken
- Lean protein, with sweet potato and salad

Dinner Options
- 100g-150g protein (stay away from red meats) with salad veggies
- Salmon grilled salad veg

- Yogurt
- Nuts
- Rice cakes with cottage cheese tomato
- Vita weets with a spread


Monday - shoulders and triceps (12 to 15 reps x 3 sets)
- Shoulder press
- Lateral raises
- Front raises
- Tricep extension
- Tricep kick back
- Tricep dips
Crunches (3 sets of 20)

Wednesday - Legs
- Walking lunges (10 lunges turn around come back repeat 3 times [60 in total])
- Squats (15 reps x 3 sets)
- Step up (15 each leg x 3 sets)
- Reverse lunge (15 reps x 3 sets)
- Plank (60 sec x 3)

Friday - Back and Biceps (12 to 15 reps x 3 sets)
- Bicep curl
- Single standing curl
- Alternating curls
- Seated floor row
- Bent over rows
- Lying leg raises (3 sets of 20)

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  1. jaz02:30pm Friday 04th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Reverse lunge is instead of putting leg forward you put your leg back for lunge. plank is leaning on arms and toes. Make a plank of your body.

  2. Pina01:30pm Monday 31st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Started before New Year just like Carmelo suggested. Great advice!

  3. Moira10:29am Thursday 27th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Sounds all very good, but what an earth is a reverse lunge and a plank?