R U OK?Day

R U OK?'s mission is to help end suicide by empowering people to make a difference through open and honest conversation and to drive real connection.

Our priorities are:

  • To generate conversation at a national level surrounding the prevention of suicide and eliminate any stigma surrounding the open discussion of suicide
  • To encourage Australians to take responsibility for reaching out to people in their community by asking family members, friends and colleagues 'Are you ok?' and to create a safe platform for those at risk of suicide to be able to communicate
  • To promote and support suicide prevention services so that people can readily access expert help when required
  • To implement programs that encourage people to access and provide assistance at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of suicide arising from difficult life situations or mental illness
  • To educate Australians about identifying risk factors for suicide, support people at risk and refer them to appropriate professional and emergency services;
  • To coordinate a national day of action on which Australians are encouraged to reach out to people in their community, whether or not they are perceived to be at risk of suicide, and ask, 'Are you ok?'

R U OK? is an information portal and educator and is not a service provider. We closely work with our Information Partners in mental health and suicide prevention to ensure our message is safe, non-stigmatising and accurate. R U OK?'s promotional activities are designed to target the whole population to help all people understand the role they can play in supporting those grappling with a problem, big or small.

Libby Trickett

Olympic swimmer and gold medallist Libby Trickett was proud to join R U OK?Day as an Ambassador in 2011. Libby has first-hand experience of supporting family members with depression and is very proactive about looking after her own wellbeing. One reason she started competing again in 2010 was because it helped her feel happier and more resilient.

For more information visit www.ruokday.com