The Human Calculator

To celebrate the Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge 2012, Scott Flansburg, aka The Human Calculator, will be visiting Australia and inspiring students across the country ahead of the challenge launching on 4 September.

Forget Superman and Spiderman, Scott has been nicknamed 'The Human Calculator' for his extreme mathematical capabilities. He even holds a Guinness World Record for adding the same number to itself 37 times in 15 seconds, faster than any calculator. Scott has appeared on Oprah, Ellen and Stan Lee's Superhumans on the History Channel, with his extraordinary talents impressing and entertaining adults and kids alike.

A self described 'Mathlete', Scott proves maths and learning can be just as exciting as sport. In the lead up to and during the two day Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge, Scott will captivate and entertain Aussie school students with his enthusiasm and remarkable maths skills.

Scott Flansburg says, "I believe everyone has the ability to be good at maths and enjoy it. I'm so excited to be in Australia for the Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge, it's such a fantastic platform for students to engage with learning and have fun growing skills such as speed and accuracy."

The Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge is an annual free event which runs from Tuesday 4 September to Wednesday 5 September and will test students on their knowledge of the Australian Curriculum on Day 1. With a state vs. state competition focus, students will participate in a Live Mathematics contest on Day 2, where they will compete in real time against other students around the country in 60-second mental arithmetic games.

Andrew Smith, CEO of 3P Learning Australia, the organisation that creates and runs the annual event, said: "We are thrilled to host The Human Calculator in Australia for the Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge. We're confident Scott will inspire more kids to compete and help us to build on last year's 445,000 registrations, setting a new participation record in 2012!"

Commonwealth Bank has been teaching children the value of money for over 80 years, and understands the importance of mathematics as a solid foundation to build a child's financial literacy.

Veronica Howarth, Head of School Banking, said: "Commonwealth Bank is proud to support the Australian Maths Challenge in 2012. We are dedicated to helping Australian kids become more financially savvy, and it's great to have The Human Calculator on board to excite and educate Australian students about maths."

Schools and students wishing to register for the free Commonwealth Bank Australian Maths Challenge should visit