It's time to celebrate and support

It s time to celebrate and support

marie claire and Sunrise, along with GetUp, are celebrating the love and showing their support for marriage equality and everybody's right to say 'I Do'. We invite you to join us at our exclusive events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney 6am-9am, Martin Place.

Melbourne 6am-9am, Bourke St Mall.

Pledge your support today at

While Sunrise has chosen to support this petition, we continue to respect all views on the topic.

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  1. Daniel01:50am Monday 11th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Equality... this is what this marriage debate is about. Eliminating discrimination from society... giving each individual in our society equal rights! It isn't any more black and white then that! Good on the Sunrise team for getting behind this issue! You have gained a viewer and I really look forward to further discussion.

  2. Matthew10:47pm Sunday 10th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    If we are going to change the Marriage Act in relation to gender then why not in relation to kinship and number. Why would we deny bigamists and polygamists their fundamental civil and human right to marriage? Why are we still discriminating against them? Why the hatred and phobia? What right do we have to judge their love? How can we say we are for marriage equality if we deny them their right to marry?

  3. 05:05pm Sunday 10th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I too am disappointed in this. I used to like Sunrise.

  4. Jake11:11am Sunday 10th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    This debate is such a waste of time, gays cannot and will never be married. If the definition of the word marriage is changed to include gays then being married is obsolete, and a new word needs to be developed to replace the hijacked one. Wouldn't it be easier for the gays to just get their own word?

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  5. Matt04:48am Saturday 09th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    So disappointed!! I really like sunrise. Kochie, love the finance segments and thoughts and insights. However, Jim Wallace challenged you kochie on being biased on this issue as a program, and you were very upset. Have a look at the sunrise page, "Marie Clare and SUNRISE along with getup and celebrating the love and showing their support..." how can you cla to be independent and openly have this on your website. Homosexual marriage should NOT be allowed in Australia. What rights do people who are homosexuals, not currently have in Australia. Every child deserves the chance to have a mother and a father. Both are different!! Can two hesexual people show love to a child? Of course!!! But can those two roles be offered to a child in a non heterosexual relationship? No!! Many single parents are doing an amazing job raising kids. I teach and work with hundreds of kids every week, many of whom are from broken home. The pain over a missing mother of father in these kids lives is huge. While appropriate love, care and support from all adults are necessities, the connection to the missing gender role is OPENLY TALKED ABOUT AND IS WHAT THAT CHILD IS OFTEN CRAVING. This is not an attack on homosexual people, but against marriage of two men or two women. Be rational, this is not homophobia, but rational thought. A message to our media, be unbiased!!

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  6. Alma08:54am Friday 08th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Driving Homosexual Propaganda down our throats outside a Few inner City Seats it's a joke. In outer electorates and rural areas it's a non event. If you are serious go outside your studios and go to Tamworth, Orange and other bigger towns and gauge their opinion from the greater public. Regards, Craig

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  7. Paul05:56am Friday 08th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    PLEASE EXPLAIN: How can 2 lesbians teach their 7 year old son to be tough and play rough (footy) if they have never play it and they are not tough? If you are a heterosexual father supporting gay marriage, you are saying that your role as a father can be replaced by a woman? –Only if you are Brian McFadden! Also – Mr Kochie, you have daughters so tell me: how can 2 gay men teach and UNDERSTAND the needs of a 11 year old daughter that is starting to have period pains and starting to menstruate, if they have never experienced it? Kerryn Phelps: Where 2 gay men will take their 5 year old daughter to the toilet in a shopping center? To the male or female toilets? I bet they will take her to the female toilet if parent’s room is too busy or unavailable. Ladies, how would you feel seeing men entering your female toilets? And HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL USE THE EXCUSE OF HOMOSEXUALITY to enter opposite sex ‘s toilets? GOOD BYE SUNRISE!!! NOT A GOOD CAMPAING TO GET INVOLVED…. YOU WILL SEE THE LOW RATINGS…. ENJOY!

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  8. Laura09:19pm Thursday 07th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Jan you're hilarious! Yes I have seen two males dogs mating many, many times but you know what, gay people aren't comparable to dogs! Gay people are humans and this is a human rights issue. It was not that long ago that we massacred thousands of black people because white people believed it was unnatural and inferior to have black skin. When will people stop being so angry at people who are different? Where does all this hate come from?

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  9. Jan07:58pm Thursday 07th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    God created MAN and WOMAN. A sexual union between male and female is natural. Do you ever see two male dogs mating? We can have close friendships with the same sex but a true partnership in the sense of a marriage should be between a man and a woman.

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  10. Andrew05:49pm Thursday 07th June 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Why do homosexuals want marriage??? It's a heterosexual custom! Homosexuals have civil unions and their relationships are recognised by law. Surely homosexuals have enough culture around what they do without moving to invade the heterosexual institution of marriage. I believe this movement is an attack on religious freedom!!! (Once the law allows homosexual marriage, the hand of the church will be forced!)

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