Great Pacific Garbage Patch highlights Keep Australia Beautiful Week

We talked to environmentalist Tim Silverwood who’s just come back from undertaking research on the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”.

Tim, an environmentalist from the Central Coast of NSW, joined us this morning to discuss the patch. Tim has just returned from his voyage from Honolulu to Vancouver to document the Patch, otherwise known as the North Pacific Gyre.

Tim brought with him some graphic reminders of the serious consequences litter can have on Australia’s waterways, wildlife and on shores beyond ours.

The Gyre is roughly equivalent to the size of South Australia, and is growing exponentially.

"This sea of rubbish is threatening to become one of the great ecological disasters of our time," he says.

Understanding the patch is difficult as it is not only enormous, but it is amorphous and unpredictable.

Tim and his research team completed 38 trawl samples of the ocean’s surface.

Sadly, there was a presence of plastic in every trawl sample they collected.

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Keep Australia Beautiful Week is this week.