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Parents urged to strip off in front of kids

Ros Reines, Nicky Briger and Sally Obermeder join Kochie to discuss the often naked mum who's encouraging other parents to get nude in front of their kids.

Fantastic Four stars chat to Sunrise

Nelson Aspen chats to the allstar cast of 'Fantastic Four' about bringing Marvel's first superhero troupe back to the big screen.

Seven sues Nine over MKR 'rip-off' Hotplate

The Seven Network is preparing to take Channel Nine to court over 'Hotplate', which they claim rips-off their hit show 'My Kitchen Rules'. Showbiz Commentator Peter Ford joins Sam and Kochie with all …

Runaway grooms skips bail and wedding

Sunrise Correspondent Rebecca Maddern joins Sam with the latest on the accused gunman who skipped bail in Victoria after being released from jail to attend his wedding.

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