Sunrise V The Chase: Part 3

Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts take on Goliath in Channel 7’s hit new game show.


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The Great Sunrise BBQ cook-off

America think THEY are the best barbecuers in the world. So here at Sunrise we've got our tongs and spatulas ready to prove them wrong!

Are sharks misunderstood?

Kochie's Angels discuss the latest revelations that sharks are much more docile than we think and humans can have peaceful interactions with them.

Moving Pictures perform LIVE

The Aussie rock legends are on the studio to perform their classic cult song 'What About Me'.

On the beat with 'Beach Cops'

They may be known for their sun, surf and sand but our beaches can hide a dark side. NSW police officer Dave Gilligan opens up about the crime and weird happenings that occur on the Northern Beaches.

Wingsuit daredevils chasing their dreams

Chris Byrnes and Royce Wilson have quit their jobs and are moving to America so they can jump out of planes and fly like birds, for a living.

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