Sunrise team beach race

Craig Shelton has been hailed as Australia's best lifeguard, and he puts the team through their paces with a reaction challenge.


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Gorillas in our midst

Taronga Zoo is encouraging people to donate their old mobile phones to help save Africa’s baby gorillas. Belinda Fairbrother explains.

Masters of Spin

Jane Caro claims she has been cynically verballed on the issue of childcare. She and Nick Cater join us to discuss.

Introducing the She Shed!

Move over Man Cave… the She Shed is giving women their own personal space. Advocate Barbara Techel joins us to explain.

Eye on Spy

Jabba sits down with the cast of Melissa McCarthy's latest action comedy blockbuster.

Facing Egypt's courts again

Freed Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste says he’s still in danger of being convicted in absentia of terrorism charges in Egypt.

Emotional House Rules

It’s a particularly delicate renovation this week on House Rules….teams have been working on Steve and Tiana’s house in Western Sydney.

Shell-shocking facts

Did You Know that turtles inspired Game of Thrones? Or that Giant Tortoises can live for over 250 years? Learn flipper-tastic turtle facts with AOK.

Dirty deal for clean energy

The government and Labor agree to cut the Renewable Energy Target, but what does it mean for your future power bills? CEO of the Climate Council Amanda McKenzie explains.

Sports Talk

Troy Luff and Wendell Sailor discuss the biggest games of the weekend.

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