Meet Freddy Krueger at Oz Comic-Con!

To celebrate Robert Englund’s appearance at this year’s Comic-Con, we are giving Sunrise viewers the chance to win the Freddy vs. Jason Experience ticket!


Worldwide chocolate shortage

Just days out from Easter the world is suffering a severe cocoa shortage that could threaten global chocolate supplies.

Sunrise sports break - April 1

Collingwood braces for extra scrutiny amid a doping scandal; NRL star Daly Cherry Evans has reignited the concussion debate; a former asylum seeker is in line to make his test debut for...

Sunrise news break - April 1

A four-year-old boy and his grandmother have been found stabbed to death in Melbourne; two bodies have been discovered on a remote Queensland property; an 18-year-old woman has been abducted from...

Entertainment report

Nelson Aspen has all the latest Hollywood headlines, including the goss on Justin Bieber's celebrity roast.

Purfect day out for cats

Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium is opening its doors to curious cats, who can come and watch the fish.

Half of super tax breaks go to the wealthiest

Australians could be forced to wait longer to access their superannuation - and super tax breaks are costing the budget $35 billion a year with half of it going to the top 20% wealthy...

Teenager abducted from home

Queensland Police are urgently searching for a teenager abducted from her home yesterday.

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