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  1. Sunrise Style with Sam and Nat

    Find out more about what the girls are wearing on today's show - Wednesday the 16th of April.

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    Sunrise Style with Sam and Nat
  2. World's toughest job

    Check out this job interview video for a job like no other.

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    World's toughest job
  3. AC/DC sets the record straight

    Malcolm Young takes a break from AC/DC and Miley Cyrus cancels another show. Nelson Aspen reports.

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    AC/DC sets the record straight
  4. Leading ladies give Sam love advice

    Sam gets some relationship advice from Hollywood megastars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton and chats about their new film 'The Other Woman'.

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    Leading ladies give Sam love advice
  5. Barry O'Farrell quits

    NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has resigned over a $3000 bottle of wine he could not recall receiving.

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    Barry O'Farrell quits
  6. Paul Walker's brothers step in

    Paul Walker's brothers will fill in to help finish the scenes in 'Fast & Furious 7'. Nelson Aspen reports.

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    Paul Walker's brothers step in
  7. Is AC/DC retiring?

    There's still no word on whether legendary rockers AC/DC are retiring. Peter Ford and Steve Hargrave report.

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    Is AC/DC retiring?
  8. American Authors perform LIVE

    US group American Authors are in Australia to perform their massive hit song 'Best Day of My Life' LIVE on Sunrise.

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    American Authors perform LIVE
  9. Royals biggest collector

    Janet Williams is one of Australia's biggest collector of Royal Family knick knacks. She chats to Sunrise about her excitement of seeing them.

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    Royals biggest collector
  10. Breakthrough in SIDS research

    Researchers in Adelaide have made a breakthrough in the fight against Sudden Infant Death Sydnrome. Dr Ginni Mansberg.

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    Breakthrough in SIDS research