We’re giving away this Star Wars 40th-anniversary Funko box

In the box, you’ll find Star Wars pins and patches, Han and Greedo salt and pepper shakers, and a huge Luke Skywalker Funko, fully equipped with a X-34 landspeeder.

Steve Carell: The New Silver Fox

Steve Carell has always stolen our hearts as the comedian playing a fun-loving, dorky dad character. Recently, however, he has stepped out as a full blown silver fox. The internet can barely contain …

Melania Trump's Chic Wedding-Guest Look

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wed his Scottish actress fiancee, Louise Linton, on Saturday, in Washington, D.C. Among the invitees was the Trump family. First lady Melania Trump stepped out of …

9 Times Ariana Grande Inspired Us

Not only is Ariana Grande a Grammy award nominated singer, shes the girl we all want to hang out with, take Instagram selfies with, and be overall besties with. The Side to Side singer is known for …

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