'The Fosters' exec producer on finale: 'Make sure you have a box of tissues handy'

A spinoff series starring Maia Mitchell has already been ordered.

If you haven't already heard, bad news: The Fosters is coming to an end.

Tonight marks the two-hour series finale in the US—and 100 episodes! We're sure fans will tune in to bid farewell to the Adams-Foster family; though a spinoff series, including Australia's Maia Mitchell and co-star Cierra Ramirez, has already been ordered.

Spoiler alert; In addition to the tragic death of Grace, we watched through several time-jumps as each child in the Adams-Foster family graduated and moved forward into the future: Callie to the law program at UCSD, Brandon to Musician’s Institute and later an engagement, Mariana to MIT, Jesus to San Diego Community College, and Jude to UCLA. Further, we saw mum Stef beginning to learn to accept herself and consider a career change while Lena gave a graduation speech to end all principal graduation speeches.

And while the show may have played a bit like a series finale, it still has its three-night conclusion coming later this year, as well as the spin-off series.

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Executive producer Peter Paige told EW, "We knew we wanted the 100th to be big and emotional and to have great connection backwards. We wanted to pull all these kinds of ghosts and references and Easter eggs into the story.”

Paige adds, "This was a version that we had talked about for the series finale. We knew that this was a very possible outcome at this point. I don’t think we had a definitive answer from the network, but we knew this was one of the scenarios we were looking at. And then by the time we actually got the scripts out and done, we knew we were getting the three, we knew we needed a little something to draw you out of the episodes coming out of the end. If it were the end, you wouldn’t go home with everybody and find out about Brandon and his fiancée and all of that stuff."

“The end of anything that you’ve loved is an incredible time of nostalgia. That’s really the gift we wanted to give the fans in this episode. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy!”

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