Married At First Sight's Troy Delmege slammed for 'wandering eye' habit

"You do strike me as a very successful, family orientated woman."

Troy might have been married to Ashley on Married At First Sight, but it didn't stop his 'wandering eye.'

"Maybe I did have some fun, friendly flirting with Melissa," Troy told TV Week. "I think she's a very easy-going woman who's quite sophisticated and is a great catch."

"She is very engaging, she's fun. I rarely get to spend quality time with that type of person in my life," he adds.

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Should our favourite John be worried at all?

"There's an age difference between us and she's got lots of children and we're in totally different life situations. But yeah, she's definitely a catch for any man out there."

Following the reality series, Troy explains he wanted to give Melissa a 'fun break' from all the drama.

"I might have also used the experience to really detach myself from the experiment and just have a really fun lunch with someone and just forget everything that had been going on."

Delmege was slammed on social media for flirting with Melissa during a recent episode.

"I mean, you do strike me as a very successful, family orientated woman," Troy said to Melissa.

"I think you could get along with almost anyone you would be matched with, to be honest."

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