Bernard Tomic caught up in alleged drink spike nightmare

Paige McCarthy was found passed out in a club bathroom.

He may have left 'I'm A Celebrity,' but Bernard Tomic hasn't shied away from the cameras just yet.

The Tennis player has been named as a potential witness in an alleged drink spiking nightmare in a Gold Coast club, according to The Morning Show.

The site reports the 25-year-old tennis player was inside The Bedroom nightclub when a Gold Coast woman was rushed to hospital.

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Police are investigating allegations someone within Tomic’s entourage on the night ­may have been involved in the alleged incident. There is no suggestion Tomic was directly involved in the incident.

Paige McCarthy, who used to work at the club, was found passed out in a bathroom by a friend and staff called an ambulance. Her mother Lee posted a warning on Facebook this week.

“WARNING: watch out for drink spiking. My daughter was drugged at a nightclub.”

Lee McCarthy said her daughter spent the night in hospital “virtually paralysed” and was visited by detectives the next day before she later gave a formal statement.

“She wasn’t the only one [drugged]”, Lee wrote. Since her first post, the family had been told of several other victims of drink spiking. “We have had several girls msg us with info and similar stories which is helping.”

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