'My Kitchen Rules' elimination house happens to be the same mansion used on 'Beauty and the Geek'

The house will be the new location for sudden death cook offs this year.

Strolling down memory lane, aren't we?

Sunday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules saw an elimination round between WA friends Stella and Jazzey and QLD couple Ash and Matty. But, it wasn't long for the Australian audience to notice the enormous mansion where the teams will be dishing their final cuisines.

The latest change to the ninth series was an introduction to the elimination house — where you could easily honeymoon or simply play a game of hide-n-seek. Did anyone notice that pool?

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“Elimination house, they could have used something less daunting,” the team said of the multimillion-dollar Sydney property. We couldn't agree more.

“Why couldn't they call it 'stunning house', or 'party house',” they suggested. “I’ve never seen a property like this!”

As well as being the backdrop for bridal photos, including those of Kat Mehajer’s wedding, it’s also seen plenty of video shoots involving stars like Rebel Wilson.

A season of Beauty and the Geek was also filmed at the $3500 per night venue known as Longuevue.

The house will be the new location for sudden death cook offs this year. In previous seasons, elimination rounds took place at Kitchen HQ.

The house contains two huge, fully functional kitchens where the two teams facing sudden death cook off can work, while the judges and teams are seated in a large dining room.

Check out the stunning images below.

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