Barnaby Joyce publicly apologises to family, confirms relationship with Vikki Campion

"Criticise me if you wish but please have some regard for them."

Barnaby Joyce has made a short statement outside Parliament this morning, apologising to his family.

"I'd like to say to Natalie how deeply sorry I am, to my girls how deeply sorry I am … [and] to Vikki Campion how deeply sorry I am that she has been dragged into this," he said.

Following this is a written statement which goes into more detail about his deep regret at the failure of his 24-year marriage.

Mr Joyce's statement sets out that he and his former media adviser Vikki Campion are having a child together in mid-April.

He asks for privacy, saying, "This has been a searing personal experience for Natalie, our daughters and for Vikki.

Watch the statement above.

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