'Married At First Sight': Dean announces his love for 'open relationships’

We had no idea Sydney was so promiscuous..

Having shocked his wife Tracey on Sunday night's commitment ceremony by saying he wanted to leave just hours after "being intimate" with her, Dean decided it was a good time to enlighten her on some really important things.

"I owe it to Tracey to be completely honest with her, to put all my cards out on the table," Dean tells the camera.

Apparently, this Sydney man thinks the entire city revolves around open relationships. Could this really be true?

"Relationships are different in Perth and Sydney," he tells Tracey in bed. "I have been in open relationships, I have been in relationships that are just more purely physical. That doesn't mean I don't care about that person.

"I guess what that means is maybe, as a guy – maybe as someone from Sydney – I can have sex with someone and it not necessarily mean a whole hell of a lot."

Surprisingly, Tracey happens to be a 'smart' cookie. "Because I'm not from Sydney, until you explained that to me I had honestly no idea," she said. "You just needed to communicate that to me. You know, I'm a smart girl."

With all of that experience from sex shop owner ex-boyfriends, surely she must be able to spot a cad when she sees one? Hmm maybe not.

Having told Dean it was "disrespectful" to send "mixed messages" by, as she so brilliantly put it on Sunday, trying to "hit it and quit it", she choked up as he suggested maybe it was time to take a step back and stop being physical. For a few days at least.

"Is that what you want," she asked.

"It's what I want," he replies. "Thanks for being so honest."

"That's all right," he adds. "How about we just go to the bedroom for a quick one, just to get it out of the system."

Moments later, his mind was already on model Davina, who continues to stay with Ryan to increase her chances of hooking up with Dean.

Swing or miss? I think we know the answer to this conundrum.

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