Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Father, Elliott, Died at 92

Ellen DeGeneres revealed this week during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her father has passed away.

“In addition to what’s going on in Monetico, I lost my dad this week,” the TV host told her audience. “He was 92 years old. He had a good, long life. And he lived his life exactly how he wanted. He was Christian science his entire life. He never had medicine his whole life. He never went to a doctor. We never had a vaccination. We never had medicine growing up and he lived to be 92.”

She continued, “He was very proud of me. He loved this show. He was a kind man, very accepting man. There was not one bone of judgment in his body. He was very funny … Before he passed away I got to talk to him, so I got to say goodbye to him.”

“When I was a kid, my dad took us on one vacation to Warner Bros. Studios. He loved this business. He loved that I was in it. When he died, I saw this rainbow over the stage they named for me,” DeGeneres captioned a photo of a rainbow over her studio.

“My dad and me,” the comedian tweeted with a throwback picture of her, her dad and her brother Vance.

We're deeply sorry for your loss, Ellen!

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