Buzz Style: Are Mullets Back in Fashion?

Spotted: Kristen Stewart stepping out after a lengthy period of time out of the public eye looking almost completely unrecognisable.


The actress donned a totally new hairstyle - an ombre, spiky, mullet. This look is perhaps one of her boldest yet, but being the quirky style of cool Stewart is, she can totally rock it. Everyone goes through a rebellious phase, which brings the question - are mullets really coming back? And, to put it mildly, is the '80s slowly creeping back?

We've all watched Stranger Things which boast a sever nostalgia of the 1980's. From broad shoulder blazers to heavy winged eyeliner - complete with neon flashes of colour - it's safe to say Hollywood is in desperate need of some good film ideas. No offence sci-fi lovers.

The mullet is arguably the most dubious hairstyle ever. Regardless, it was a good time to be a mullet in the 80s, with every Tom, Dick, and Jon Bon Jovi cutting one onto his head. While we're in travel-time mode, let's look back to 2013.

Style guru Rihanna transformed herself with a new retro image, showing off an old-school mullet complete with a Mohawk tail. And because she went to Alexander Wang's fashion show with that, all of a sudden it expanded to a clique of inspired models. Edie Campbell soon Joan Jett-ed it since the singer's photo op.

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