'Riverdale' Season 2, Episode 5 Review: Dance Baby, Dance

Betty is virtually tortured by the Black Hood in this week's episode of Riverdale.

Everyone's favourite blonde is still chatting to him - but, why? The killer knows where Polly’s staying, and warns that if Betty tells anyone about this call, “I’ll carve her like a jack-o-lantern.” She confides in Archie (What about confiding in your beloved boyfriend Jughead, huh?).

Well J is a little distracted, as it turns out, with the Serpents fuming after their brawl with Archie’s gang and demanding to know where he stands. Wanting to prevent an all-out war, he dons his Serpent jacket and agrees to go through their “initiation.” At first, the trials are simple: take care of a stinky pooch named Hot Dog; yell out Serpent laws in a rowdy bar. But the Serpents turn up the heat by having him fetch a knife out of a cage holding a live rattlesnake.

Look who's in town! Veronica’s old pal Nick St. Clair comes to Riverdale for a visit, as his parents consider investing in Hiram’s land development. Ronnie calls him “a ghost from my bad-girl past,” and Nick quickly lives up to that billing by offering her and Archie a bump of cocaine. He openly flirts with Veronica, too, which Archie clearly isn’t crazy about. But Nick still invites the gang over to his hotel room for a meet-and-greet rager. Thoughtful!

Betty gets another call from the Black Hood, who calls her mum Alice “a thorn in both our sides” and tells Betty to publish what he just emailed her in the school paper. If she does, he’ll answer one question from her. In Betty’s email, she finds an old mugshot of Alice, arrested as a teen. She hesitates, but when Alice insinuates that Betty wrote that Black Hood letter herself, Betty goes ahead and publishes the mugshot!

He isn't through just yet. The Hood guy wants Betty to cut everyone out of her life, starting with Veronica. So at Nick’s hotel-room party, she lashes out at Ronnie, labeling her an “airhead party girl” before storming out. Ronnie’s night gets even worse when Nick makes a move on her, calling Archie a “hayseed yokel” and eventually trying to force himself on her. She slaps him and calls him “a pig” before getting out of there..

Betty tells the Black Hood she got rid of Veronica; now she wants to know how she can make him stop. He says by doing exactly what he says… and now he wants her to get rid of Jughead: “He’s not worthy of your love. Cut him out of your life, or I will.” Betty’s devastated, but she relents, asking Archie to break up with Jughead for her, hoping they can undo it later. Too late, J boy is totally with the Serpents now.

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At Hiram’s open house to lure in new investors, Nick sets his sight on Cheryl Blossom - and they hit it off, too! However, Cheryl doesn’t notice when Nick drops something into her drink. Luckily, Veronica and the Pussycats rescue her before she's raped, and beat the stuffing out of that rich douche before he can lay a hand on her.

The Black Hood knows Betty spoke to Archie, and says he’s about to murder Polly unless Betty gives him another person to kill instead. And Betty, now knowing what happened to Cheryl, gives him one: Nick St. Clair. Boy bye!

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