Buzz Style: Meet Liana Perdis: Beauty Empire Entrepreneur

Kylie Jenner who?

Liana Perdis, eldest daughter of Greek-Australian make-up mogul Napoleon Perdis has emerged as a key figure in the family beauty business. She is both creative director and the face of the youthful new Napoleon Perdis range, Total Bae.

The 17-year-old heiress was born in Australia but spent much of her childhood in the Hollywood Hills, going to school with the offspring of Tinseltown, before the Perdis family relocated Athens in 2015 to reignite their Greek roots.

"I'm in my final year at school in Athens, but still balancing my time with work," she tells Morning Show hosts Larry and Kylie. "I'm very ambitious, just like my father. You have to go through hard times to get to the good times."

Watch the complete Morning Show interview above.

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