American Horror Story Cult: 'Twas a Night of Delightful Revenge

The delicious hour began with Ally finally confronting Ivy over all the crap she’s pulled as of late, beginning with screwing Winter and joining the cult. “I’m sorry, but I hated you,” Ivy said at one point. “Or I was so angry at you that I thought I hated you.”

Ally’s wrath then extended to Winter, whose half-hearted apology was met with this satisfying response: “For what? For f–ing my wife, for driving me crazy, or for trying to kill me?”It was also strangely satisfying watching Beverley greet Winter with a mother of a slap, the first of two hits Kai’s sister would take to the face this week.

Kai forced the entire cult, ladies included, to commit mass suicide, only to surprise them by revealing that their juice contained no poison — Ally and Ivy were freaking done, vowing to take Oz and run for their lives. There was only one problem with their plan: Kai got to Oz first, brought him back to the compound and told him (wait for it) that he’s his father.

That’s when things got really nuts. Leaving Oz with Kai and his gaggle of braindead followers, the ladies went home to discuss their next move over a romantic dinner of pasta, wine… and arsenic. You see, Ally became a master of deception when no one was looking — and she still hasn’t forgiven Ivy for sticking her in the psych ward. As Ivy coughed out her final breaths on the kitchen floor, Ally told her, “I only want two things in this life: I want Oz all to myself, and I want to watch you die.” Bye Felicia!

After bribing the fertility clinic receptionist, who revealed that Kai is not Oz’s biological father, Ally had her whip up a new set of documents, proving that he is Oz’s bio dad. After all, Kai wouldn’t hurt his own “Messiah baby.”

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