American Horror Story Cult: Sickening Three-Ways and Surprising Twists

First off, this American Horror Story happens to be the most sick, twisted season yet. Where do I even start?

In last night's episode, Kai (Evan Peters) tries to impregnate his sister Winter (with the help of gay officer Detective Samuels) in the hopes of conceiving a “Messiah baby”. It was clearly considered a 'three-way', since this officer couldn't get 'it' up, and required the help of Kai in order to do the deed. But alas, nothing was accomplished.

Ivy and the ladies of the cult finally reached their breaking point. Well, everyone except for Winter (Billie Lourd), who justified her ongoing allegiance to her lunatic brother by reliving one of their most memorable Halloweens together. *Flashback time*

In 2015, Kai and Winter, being idiot kids, researched the dark web and found 'the Judgement House', a “show” at an old farmhouse run by a man named Pastor Charles. And with a quick invitation, they excitedly, but cautiously accepted to attend. Idiots, right?

But who could have possibly imagined that Judgment House would turn out to be — wait for it — a house where Pastor Charles kidnapped sinners and “judged” them for their misdeeds? It was so similar to the Saw franchise. We meet a girl Charles found at a Planned Parenthood who was strapped to a doctor’s table, bleeding from her vagina. Then behind Door No. 2 revealed an addict Charles took from a rehab facility, receiving steady streams of ecstasy, cocaine and opioids until his innards were mush. And then there was Door No. 3, which was an AIDS clinic volunteer tied to a chair whose back was rigged to send knives shooting straight through the poor guy’s torso.

Kai, shocked, acknowledged that the pastor's behaviour must be stopped, at which point he saved the prisoners before killing Pastor Charles — but he was never the same after that. “He realised that you can’t save everyone,” Winter noted, “so it’s better to burn it all down and build a new world.” But even Winter was horrified by the next phase in her brother’s plan: a threesome with Detective Jawline… to conceive a baby. (As you already know by now, this show has gone off the rails!)

Anyway, the conception went terrible, so Samuels tries again, forcing himself on Winter in the car. She then takes his gun and shoots him in the head, killing him! (Thank GOD). But, it doesn't end there. More surprising twists are on the way.

Vincent, psychiatrist and older brother to Kai, plans to take him down with Ally (who was previously absent in last week's episode). After he apologises for letting things get so out of hand, somehow it was too little, too late. Knowing that Kai was her only shot at reuniting with son Ozzy, Ally sold Vincent out, resulting in Kai brutally murdering his older brother in front of the entire cult. So that means..

Yes, Ally (Sarah Paulson) is a member of the cult now! Who isn't part of this clown-fest already?

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