American Horror Story Cult: More Deaths, Lady Cults, and Andy Warhol?

This week's American Horror Story episode was all about the women - in a cult.

Traveling back to June 1968, we meet Valerie Solanas (played by Lena Dunham), an aspiring writer who was sick and tired of being taken advantage of by one Andy Warhol (Evan Peters). “You had too much control over my life! Down with the patriarchy! S–k my d–k, Warhol!”

Cut to present-day, Meadow’s mass shooting was apparently a rousing success, earning Kai national media coverage as a “brave young man,” 20 more points in the polls, and — best of all — a retweet from Eric Trump! Oh, he also won that seat on the city council he was campaigning for. That’s almost as cool, I guess.

Anyway, Beverly is furious with Kai's leadership decisions and meets an old woman named Bebe Abbott (former AHS star Frances Conroy), who criticised the female members of Kai’s cult for letting a man become too powerful. “You ladies really stepped in it,” she began. “History may change, but herstory always repeats itself. … You’ve lost your way, all women have. The male wants desperately to be led by females … but we keep giving away the natural order of things.”

Bebe was Valerie’s lover during her rise to power, and Valerie likes to accuse men of being society’s real problem. So, with that, an all female cult is formed where these broads commit brutal murders on men and 'stupid' women. They like to refer to themselves as the 'Zodiac' killers.

In the end, Bebe used Valerie’s story as a warning story, convincing Beverly, Ivy and Winter that allowing Kai to take their power will result in their collective demise. Then, Ivy lures cult member (and male) Harrison to her restaurant where she and the three women kill and chop him up! Talk about a bloody mess..

But the worst betrayal could be the episode’s final shot - revealing that Kai and Bebe are working together! Why are you doing this to us?

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