Review: 'Riverdale' Season 2 Premiere

Welcome back, Riverdale fans! Here’s hoping you had a better summer than poor Archie.


The show's second season picks right up with Archie rushing a badly wounded Fred to the hospital after the shooting at Pop’s. The next morning, Betty is lightly bickering with her mother about her near-tryst with Jughead, and Veronica is enjoying a breakfast mimosa spiked with Daddy’s Cristal. But they and Jughead drop everything and rush to the hospital when Archie calls with the bad news.

Fred’s still in surgery — and having creepy flash-forward dreams to happy moments in the future where he keeps ending up dead — when Sheriff Keller stops by to ask Archie what happened at Pop’s. Archie describes the gunman as wearing a homemade black hood, with green eyes… but he’s obviously holding something back, too. Jughead notices, and Archie later tells him Fred just fired a bunch of Serpents from his construction crew.

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Later, Veronica takes Archie home for some one-on-one shower time - if you know what I mean. Then, Archie sees her going through Fred’s clothes and tells her to leave - of course, Veronica refuses, knowing that he shouldn’t be alone right now. He breaks down and cries on her shoulder.

Jughead asks a couple of Serpents to keep an ear out for anyone talking about Fred’s shooting; he’s convinced this wasn’t just a random robbery. Back at the hospital, Kevin is warning Betty not to fall too hard for Jughead (she does freak out when she sees Jughead driving an old motorcycle.)

Veronica puts the blame for the shooting squarely on her mother Hermione; in fact, she directly accuses her of being involved because Fred wouldn’t sell his shares of the company back to Hiram. Hermione warns her to show some respect — “You are a Lodge, before anything else” — and even threatens to slap her!

Betty reassures Jughead that she loves him, even if he is a hardcore gangster, before they share a kiss in the rain. But Jughead might be playing with fire here. He later heads home to F.P.’s trailer to find those two Serpents roughing up a guy who was celebrating Fred getting shot. They think the guy was just being a loudmouth, but they still want Jughead to tell F.P. how loyal they’ve been. And things are getting weird for Veronica, too: She comes home to find her dad Hiram there!

And, at the very end, Archie’s cougar teacher Grundy is still up to her old tricks, making out with her teen student. But, once he leaves, the masked gunman sneaks up behind her, strangling her to death! It's just another weeknight, right?

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