Model Cara Delevigne Shares 'Horrifying Experience' With Harvey Weinstein

Cara Delevingne has come forward about her own experience with Harvey Weinstein.

The model/actress recalled that when she first started in the film industry, she received a call from Weinstein and he asked her if she had slept with any of the women she had 'been' with.

"When I first started to work as an actress," she wrote on Instagram, "I was working on a film and I received a call from Harvey Weinstein asking if I had slept with any of the women I was seen out with in the media. It was a very odd and uncomfortable call … I answered none of his questions and hurried off the phone but before I hung up, he said to me that if I was gay or decided to be with a woman especially in public that I’d never get the role of a straight woman or make it as an actress in Hollywood."

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"A year or two later, I went to a meeting with him in the lobby of a hotel with a director about an upcoming film. The director left the meeting and Harvey asked me to stay and chat with him. As soon as we were alone he began to brag about all the actresses he had slept with and how he had made their careers and spoke about other inappropriate things of a sexual nature."

The actress released a statement days after Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento and Lucia Evans came forward to provide details about Weinstein's sexual harassment and assault.

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