American Horror Story Cult: A Daring Escape Ends in Bloody Massacre

Last night's episode left several bystanders either injured or dead at Kai's campaign rally.

Once the dust settled, Ally (Sarah Paulson) was the one holding the gun. But this was merely part of a huge puzzle waiting to be solved. To pick up the rest, we went back to the night Ally finally learned the truth about Ivy’s involvement with the cult. The night she broke into the Wiltons’ house. The night she rescued Meadow. The night she caught Billy Eichner 'doing' Colton Haynes on the dining room table.

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Driving Meadow to the restaurant, she begins to pour the secrets of the deadly clown cult. That garbage truck spraying water? The dead crows on Ally's lawn? Apparently, she was a target in Kai and her wife Ivy's plan to simply scare the crap out of her. Meadow also revealed that she herself was in love with Kai, and that he felt the same — until she realised he was showing the exact affection to lesbian Ivy with all the same lines he once used on her. “There’s only way to stop him,” Meadow concluded. “We have to kill him.”

Meanwhile, another opponent was rising to take down Kai by less violent means: Sally Keffler (former AHS star Mare Winningham) declared her write-in candidacy for city council, calling Kai a “snake oil salesman — and not a very good one.” She also likened to President Donald Trump: “They are not the garbage. They are the flies that the garbage has drawn. It’s time that we stop worrying about the flies and we start hauling away the garbage.”

Back to the present… Ally told Sally everything she knew about Kai’s cult, and she was pleasantly surprised when Sally actually believed her. “Nothing shocks me,” Sally said, taking a hit off her freshly rolled joint. “I went to Berkeley.” But Sally was about her eat her own words, as her house was soon swarming with murderous clowns who made her fatal gunshot appear self-inflicted. Hell, Kai even left a suicide note on her Facebook page. “No one’s going to believe that,” Sally tried to tell him, though Kai’s response was pretty incredible: “Of course they will — it’s on Facebook.”

Ally barely escaped Sally’s house — thanks to Ivy, who found her hiding in the bathroom but didn’t turn her over to Kai — before heading over to Dr. Vincent’s office, where she’d been stashing Meadow. By the time Ally got there, Meadow was gone and her psychiatrist was trying to convince her that she imagined the whole situation. Her response was one of the most satisfying “f–k you”s I’ve heard in a long time.

Anyway, it was Meadow who fired the gun. After shooting Kai in the leg, then targeting a few innocent bystanders, Meadow turned the gun on herself. “This is the face of true love,” she told Ally before blowing her own brains out. So, it turns out she was still working for Kai. He needed to 'fake' an assassination attempt to elevate him to the national stage, and he convinced Meadow that she was the only one capable of getting the job done. Crazy!

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