American Horror Story Cult: The Clowns Have Arrived -- And We're Scared AF!

Another death, another 'American Horror Story' episode.

For those who tuned in last night, the rivalry between boss Bob and reporter Beverly — whose names, in any other context, would sound like the title of an old-school sitcom — finally came to a bloody end.

Little does Bob realise, he was the next target of Kai’s killer clown cult, as decided at the group’s next meeting. “We need to make the murders scarier,” Kai suggests, to which Beverly adds that the public needs to see the clowns in order to fear them. That’s when Ivy (yes, that Ivy) saunters into the meeting with an innocent “What did I miss?”

Anyway, Bob’s death turns out to be even more twisted and gruesome than you might imagine. For starters, he’s got a “gimp” in the attic, hanging from the ceiling by a series of hooks piercing his skin. Kai makes quick work of Bob’s pal, before letting Beverly end Bob’s suffering via an ax to the damn head.

But Beverly’s thirst for blood has not yet been quenched. She suggests that they cut weak-link RJ loose, and since there’s only one way out of the cult, that means dragging the poor guy into the basement and having everyone else takes turns shooting nails into his head. He’s still alive after the first round, but rather than letting everyone have another shot, Kai (uncharacteristically) agrees to put RJ out of his misery.

Yes, we're still confused. Between Ivy's dramatic shift to the dark side and Ally's continuous fear of holes (which the episode was titled), we are somehow thirsty for more!

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