Killer Clowns? Racist Neighbours? What is Happening on American Horror Story?

Don't get us wrong, we've been shipping AHS since 2011. But, what is going on with the current season?

Last week, episode three gave us a little more detail (not to mention fear of being locked in a coffin) which could all result in utter chaos. There were bloody smiley faces painted on houses and the fall-out from Ally's shooting of Mexican employee Pedro also got completely out of control. Our questions about what the hell is going on also got out of control!

But.. we're still excited! This is the most conflicting season of this show so far, mainly because we don't know what could happen next!

As we've already established, Ally (Sarah Paulson) has massive phobias of clowns and holes. Lucky for her, Kai (Evan Peters) was there to tell her how brave he thinks she is ever since she killed her employee. However, bad neighbours Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow (Leslie Grossman) were there to throw horrible slurs, thinking she's a racist. Did we mention the chemical trucks driving around spraying toxins into the air? This street is out of whack!

What we 'do' know is that Harrison and Meadow appear to have joined Kai's cult, and have also befriended Detective Samuels (Colton Haynes), who's probably also in the cult. And one of them very possibly microwaved the guinea pig! Poor thing. At the end of the episode, blood was drawn; Meadow is missing and Harrison's bed is full of blood! May she rest in peace?

Which scene or episode is distressing you the most? My answer is "all of them" but it must be the clowns. It's always the clowns.

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