The Bachelor: Jen Hawke Wants to Fight Keira Maguire!

The Bachelor’s Jen Hawke is ready to settle her feud with enemy Keira Maguire in a brutal boxing match for charity.

The 27 year old posted the following on Instagram: 'Keira Maguire has been talking trash since the start of this season.'

“Let's see if she will put her money where her mouth is”, she added. “And if somebody wants to let her know... The chick I've never contacted - blocked me.”

Currently under contract with Channel Ten for the next three months, Macguire has been prevented from speaking to the media without the network's approval.

How did this all start? Apparently, Keira called Jen a 'delusional freak and peasant' on Instagram.

'I mean I'd probably look a little better in the jungle shorts than Keira,' Macquire said during an appearance on The Project. “I think Australia deserves a good villain. If I do it better than Keira, oh well”.

The battle is on for charity. Who do you think will win?

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