Was Sam Armytage and Eddie Bartholomew Feuding Over Love Advice?

It seems a 'love war' was brewing between Sunrise host Samantha Armytage and Edwina Bartholomew this morning. And, the word “smug” was mentioned on live TV!

Newly-engaged Bartholomew had suggested a potential love suitor for her single colleague Sam after a segment on First Dates aired on the breakfast program today. The clip showed contestants Jake and Rebecca warming hearts with their down-to-earth banter.

But when Bartholomew revealed that the pair didn’t make it past their second date, she told Armytage that Jake was still single and that he drove a manual vehicle.

“All right, thanks Eddie. God, you’ve already become a ‘smug married’, trying to matchmake,” she said. “You just worry about your own wedding, love.”

Bartholomew laughed off the insult as the other Sunrise stars appeared shocked by Armytage’s blow. Watch the video above!

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