What makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? Behave Yourself has the answers

A new comedy panel program, Behave Yourself, starts this week on Seven, so we took the opportunity to ask the host of the show, Darren McMullen, a few questions about what makes this show so unique to Australian audiences.

What makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? Behave Yourself has the answers

What makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? Behave Yourself has the answers

The show will feature some of Australia’s best loved comedians and celebrities, who will be competing in fun physical games that reveal the hilarious, shocking and fascinating facts behind why we do the things we do.

The Ringmaster: Darren McMullen

Explain what we can expect from Behave Yourself?

It’s unique especially in the current landscape of television because it’s going to give people a real alternative to the current stuff that’s on. It’s a throwback to the golden era of television where we have celebrities and comedians on the panel, discussing weird and irrational behavior in a hilarious manner, with science to back it up.

Every question and everything we uncover on the show will be something you will be guaranteed to have experienced yourself personally, or people within your family and close friends. No matter how bizarre and whacky and unique we think we are, thanks to science, it turns out we are not as unique as we think.

What we are hoping is for people to sit down, have a laugh because we have some very funny guests on the show but at the same time, learn things.

What is an example of a fact that really sticks out in your mind on why we do the things we do?

In our first episode, we gave the panelists a question on what would make you more attractive to the opposite sex. If you are a male, would it be eating cantaloupe everyday or would it be eating garlic. Obviously the majority of the people would answer cantaloupe, and no one would ever imagine that eating garlic as being attractive because of the breath issue. But what actually happens, the effect garlic has on our breath, is completely the opposite effect is has on our hormones, which is what essentially attracts us to our mate.

They found through scientific research that men who ate two cloves of garlic per day were actually 15% more attractive to females. The scent that comes out through our hormones with the garlic scent on top of it, makes a male more attractive to females. Stuff like that I love and I’ve been eating garlic ever since.

A whole range of comedians and celebrities will be appearing on the show. Can you list a few?

Laurence Mooney is on every episode. He is absolutely hilarious and bloody funny. I love watching the way his brain works. An absolute dream to work with because he is one of those people who can be funny but at the same time knows it is a scientific show, and there is a quiz involved, so he can give you a serious question when he knows you need it and the majority of the time he is just taking the piss and has everyone is stitches.

We have Claire Hooper who is hilarious. Jason Byrne from Ireland who I had not ever heard of before but now he is one of my favourite comedians after he was on the show. I went to see him at the Melbourne comedy festival and he is absolutely hilarious.

We have Arj Barker who Australians will be familiar with because he shot to fame on Flight of the Concords.

Heath Franklin who plays the spiff on Chopper Reid. He is brilliant.

And then there is a whole bunch of celebrities like Guy Sebastian, Shane Warne, Kris Smith, Michala Banas, she is a hilarious actress, Sam Frost and a whole lot of sports people as well.

Guests are given one fact with two possible answers. The team that buzzes in first gets to answer.

We loved seeing you on The Big Music Quiz. Behave Yourself coming to Seven very soon. Anything else on the horizon for you?

I have just sold a show in America that I can’t talk about until the Network releases the information. I am excited about that. Something I am very passionate about.

I would love to come back and do some more Behave Yourself. It was actually the most fun I have ever had while filming a TV show because number one I am fascinated with human behavior, I could sit and people watch people eight hours everyday and learning all these facts and figures on why we do all those weird things we do, it just blows my mind. And working with such a great group of comedians was a special treat. I was laughing harder than everybody else in the audience. So, I’d love to do more. Hopefully Australia will love it too. If the audience loves it half the amount we enjoyed filming it, then I think we are on to something.

Don’t miss the premiere episode of Behave Yourself, 8:30pm on Tuesday 4th July on Seven.



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