Kent & Suz win $175,135 on The Wall

Kent (34) and Suz (29) met online 10 years ago, before it was cool to date people on the Internet. They’ve been married for six years and they both say that they knew straight away they were meant to be together. Kent describes their relationship as one of the world’s great love stories. If they are able to win big money on The Wall, they’d like to build a home and set themselves up to start their own family.

In tonight’s episode: Kent and Suz work well together and manage to get all the questions right in Freefall. They have mixed luck on the wall however, with nine of the 15 balls landing on an amount worth $100 or less. They still hit some big money, including the highest slot of $25,000, and they end Round 1 with a total of $75,135.

Believing that Kent will be strongest with the questions, he goes into isolation for Rounds 2 and 3, leaving Suz to take on the wall. Using his keen deduction skills Kent gets all three questions right in Round 2 which earns the pair an extra $34,301, bringing their total to $110,456 before the red balls drop. Suz plays the game hard and choses to double and triple up when she has the chance, but the truly big numbers remain elusive. When the red balls drop, they take away $25,010, leaving Suz with $85,446 to play on with.

In Round 3, with even bigger money now in play, Suz has reason to celebrate when she lands $400,120 with her four free money balls, taking their total to $485,566 as the final questions begin. Kent gets the first question wrong which costs them $50,000, but Suz isn’t deterred and continues to back her husband and take some calculated risks. She doubles and triples up on the last two questions, which he gets right, and they add an impressive $550,020 to their total. Before the last red balls fly down the wall, Kent and Suz have a total of $986,586.

Hoping for small numbers, Suz and Kent only lose $50,201 from the four red balls, which makes their final total on the wall a staggering $935,385.

Kent and Suz will either go home with $935,385 if Kent rips up the contract, or their guaranteed cash amount of $175,135 if he decides to sign it. Kent must make a decision where nearly $800,000 hangs in the balance with no knowledge of how many questions he got right, or what happened on the wall. Feeling confident in his answers, and knowing how much even the Freefall amount of $75,000 would change their lives, Kent plays it safe and signs the contract. The happy couple leave with $175,135.

On Sunday (November 6, 7.00pm): A win on The Wall would be life changing for reunited sisters Bron and Michelle

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