Seven Year Switch

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Seven Year Switch relationship experts, Jo Lamble and Peter Charleston, will help guide the couples through the therapy process.



Jo Lamble

Jo Lamble is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for over 25 years. She works in a private practice treating couples and individuals with a wide range of problems, from relationships to motherhood and a whole gamut of psychological problems.

An author of several books, Jo’s latest book is titled: Detox your Relationship. She has also written Answers to Everyday Questions about Relationships and together with Sue Morris Jo has published four self-help books: Motherhood: Making it work or you; Side by Side: How to think differently about your relationship; Online and Personal; The reality of Internet relationships; and The Partner Test: How well are the two of you suited?

Jo has had regular appearances on a number of Channel Seven programs including Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise and The Morning Show. Jo also gives corporate seminars and speeches on relationships, family and parenting issues. She is regularly heard being interviewed on radio across the country each week.

Happily married for 25 years, Jo is a mother of two.

Peter Charleston

At age 15 during a compulsory visit to his school careers counsellor Peter was told his personality was suited to being a Psychologist. “She said I had compassion for others, by way I took care of the weaker kids in the classroom and on the playground. At the time I laughed and dismissed the advice, yet
it planted a seed that has been growing ever since.”

Peter has now been a full-time practicing Psychologist for twenty ve years. Peter integrates counselling and coaching techniques and covers
a wide variety of presenting issues for individuals, couples and teams.

Psychology is Peter’s passion. “I am fascinated by how our mind affects decision making and behaviour, and by improving how the mind functions you improve your performance, your relationships and your happiness.”

Peter constantly strives to achieve positive results for his clients. “Psychology is a complex eld so there is always more to learn and put into practice in helping others, and this job is a very rewarding one.”

Peter’s quali cations include a Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne), a Graduate Diploma of Counselling Psychology (RMIT), a Graduate Diploma of Business Administration (Swinburne), and a Graduate Diploma in Couple and Relationship Psychotherapy (Cairnmillar Institute).

Peter is soon to publish ‘Building Better Relationships’, based on his own theory of emotional needs. Peter also runs an online personal development course based on positive psychology. Peter is married and has a ve year old daughter.

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