Panda Hats

You’ll be the leader of the fashion pack with this cool DIY!

Easter Baskets

With all that delicious chocolate coming in, you’re gonna need something to hold it all!

DIY Face Mask

Make your very own nourishing face mask… in your own kitchen! It’s good enough to eat!

Veggie Tie-Dye DIY!

This DIY fashion project is fun, affordable and environmentally friendly, what more could you want?

Plantar Boxes

Get those green thumbs into action with this awesome DIY project!

Snow Globes

Get creative with these easy to make DIY snow globes!

Hacky Sacks

You too can create your own sport, with your very own hacky sack!

Luggage Tags

These homemade luggage tags are sure to make you the coolest traveller on your next trip!

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